Vapor barrier supply carries plastic sheeting you cannot find at your local hardware store.  We strive to be the one stop shop for all construction plastic needs.  We carry different types of plastic film for every application.  Vapor barriers can be used in walls, crawlspaces, under concrete, under flooring, dog kennels, and many other places specified by both architects and building codes.   Under concrete barriers require strength and puncture resistance.  Here is a list of different products we carry for this application.

All of these types of plastic are available in a multitude of sizes.  We carry many widths and cut your plastic to length exactly for your needs.  Many manufacturers of engineered flooring require a plastic underlayment when installing on different sub-floors including concrete.  The minimum thickness for these applications is 6 mil.  We offer many sizes of 6 mil poly sheeting in both black and clear.  The clear works great as you can still see what is below as you are installing the floor.  Vent holes are easy to cut, and intricacies of the sub-floor remain visible as the installation is taking place.

Often, workers need to isolate an area with plastic sheeting.  These enclosures can last for a few days or several months.  They can be indoors or outdoors.  We have the solutions to fit your needs.  Outdoor enclosures require UV protection and/or flame retardants.  We have everything you may need.

Black/White films have special properties that are very useful in certain applications.  They contain UV inhibitors for outdoor use, and if used white side up, it reflects sunlight to keep the inside cooler than other types of plastic.  If you use the black side up, the black tends to absorb heat and create a warmer enclosure than other types of plastic.  The material blocks almost all sunlight, so with either side out, the inside is almost pitch black.  If lights are on the interior of the enclosure, the white side in reflects the light, maximizing visibility inside.  This type of film is used in many construction and agricultural projects and is many times called Panda Film.